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Software Engineer & Solutions Architect


  • NAME:Anita Miller
  • EMAIL:info(at)anitamiller.net
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Anita Miller

Personal Summary

I started my interest in IT at an early age as I was 14 and I went to IT high school, following a computer engineering degree. I worked as a software dev as I began my career in IT following specializing in delivering of complex software solutions as an architect. I enjoy working on web shops and websites and the interaction with the clients to ensure that the result is as they specifically want it.</p> <p>I have the skills and training needed to help plan, develop and maintain software programs and to make improvements that will enhance functionality. I have extensive knowledge of Magento eCommerce system, Laravel Framework, MySQL, content management systems, and backend/front-end technologies. I love challenges and learning. I don't believe in the impossible. I am a real problem solver and work in a methodical manner. I concentrate very hard on my work and like to ensure that I meet my deadlines and work to the clients' time frames.


  • Software solutions

  • Reliability

  • e-Commerce expert

  • Flexibility

  • Excellent communication

  • Professional